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Lovely Splendette TopVintage Boutique Collection Urban Hippies
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Urban Hippies 50s Pearl Bracelet in Grey Quartz
Urban Hippies 50s Pearl Bracelet in Ruby
Splendette TopVintage exclusive ~ 50s Wide Carved Bangle in Lait
Splendette TopVintage exclusive ~ 50s Wide Carved Bangle in Ripple
Splendette TopVintage exclusive ~ 50s Midi Carved Bangle in Nymph
Splendette TopVintage exclusive ~ 50s Wide Carved Bangle in Dragonfly
Urban Hippies 70s Primrose Leather Bracelet in Rosehip
TopVintage Boutique Collection 50s Pearls Are A Girl's Best Friend Bracelet in Ivory
TopVintage Boutique Collection 50s Chunky Pearl Bracelet in Ivory
Splendette TopVintage exclusive ~ Mid Century Abstract Bangle Case in Black
Splendette TopVintage exclusive ~ 30s Golden Chunky Carved Bangle in Mustard
TopVintage Boutique Collection 50s Elegant Pearl Bracelet in Ivory
€ 14,95
€ 8,97
Urban Hippies 70s Peony Leather Bracelet in Pine Green and Yellow
Splendette TopVintage exclusive ~ 20s Fedora Midi Glitter Bangle in Teal
Splendette TopVintage exclusive ~ 60s Leopard Bangle in Red
Splendette TopVintage exclusive ~ 20s Lily Midi Bangle in Leopard
Splendette TopVintage exclusive ~ 20s Fedora Midi Glitter Bangle in Pale Gold
Splendette TopVintage exclusive ~ 20s Abigail Carved Bangle in Black
Back in stock! Lovely 50s Audrey Cream Pearl Bracelet

Vintage bracelets from the 20’s to the 70’s

Looking for something elegant and small, something funky and noticeable, or something with a lot of glitter and glamour? Each of these options is available here at the TopVintage Boutique! And what better way to make your outfit extra elegant than to add some sparkle to your wrist? We think these retro bracelets we have here will definitely complete your vintage-based outfit! We’re a big a fan of vintage bracelets: they’re so easy to add to your outfit, and they make you feel your chicest and most feminine each and every time you wear them. Especially when you’re wearing a shirt or dress without sleeves, putting a bit of an extra accent on your arm is a great idea! Made out of different kinds of material, like gold or silver coloured, with rhinestones, pearls, beads or ribbon: we made sure only to select original and very beautiful retro bracelets with lovely detail!

This page shows you around our selection of vintage bracelets. Found one you like in particular? Good! Thanks to our fast and easy delivery service, it will be around your wrist before you know it! Order before 9 PM CET, and we’ll make sure the shipping process begins within one work day! So make yourself (or someone else!) happy and order one of these stunning retro bracelets in our boutique!