Vintage inspired coats & jackets

Our vintage inspired coats are the perfect addition to your retro look! In our retro boutique you choose from a wide range of gorgeous retro jackets from brands like Miss Candyfloss, Bunny and Collectif Clothing. These beauties make you really happy!

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Back in stock! Bright and Beautiful 70s Lenny Plain Coat in Burgundy
Closet London 60s Aubrey Trench Coat in Black
Miss Candyfloss Limited Edition ~ 50s Teagan Olive Plaid Swing Coat in Black and Grey
Collectif Clothing 50s Marina Swing Coat in Emerald Green
Collectif Clothing 50s Cora Swing Coat in Green
Tante Betsy 60s Brynn Blazer in Meadow Multi
Collectif Clothing 40s Claudia Coat And Floral Cape in Green Wool
Collectif Clothing 50s Berenice Faux Fur Swing Coat in Burgundy
Smashed Lemon 60s Shannon Check Coat in Blue and Red
Vixen 50s Blaire Patchwork Coat in Yellow and Red
Collectif Clothing 40s Agatha Herringbone Jacket in Black and White
Queen Kerosin 50s College Jacket in Black and White
Vixen 50s Macie Herringbone Coat in Black and White
Hearts & Roses 50s Ella Swing Coat in Black
Vixen 50s Natasha Faux Fur Leopard Trim Coat in Green
Hearts & Roses 50s Evelyn Swing Coat in Green
Vixen 40s Martha Longline Coat in Khaki
Collectif Clothing 50s Lana Biker Jacket in Black
Smashed Lemon 60s Immy Coat in Brown
Miss Candyfloss 50s Hazel Dora Houndstooth Winter Trench Coat in Black
Smashed Lemon 60s Fallon Check Coat in Teal Blue
Hearts & Roses 50s Eleanor Swing Coat in Wine Red
Smashed Lemon 60s Immy Print Coat in Green
Smashed Lemon 60s Fallon Coat in Fuchsia
Vixen 50s Cameron Velvet Vamp Cape in Black
Collectif Clothing 40s Claudia In Wonderland Coat And Cape in Black Wool
Vixen 50s Macie Herringbone Coat in Burgundy and Black
Hearts & Roses 50s Esme Swing Coat in Blue
Banned Retro 60s Fabulous Leopard Swing Fur Jacket in Grey
King Louie 60s Robin Sapeur Coat in Gold Yellow
King Louie 70s Alba Zoot Coat in Amber
King Louie 60s Daisy Rodeo Check Blazer in Peacock Green
Smashed Lemon 60s Immy Coat in Mustard
Collectif Clothing 40s Korrina Swing Trench Coat in Burgundy
King Louie 70s Eda Crimson Blazer in Windsor Red
King Louie 60s Barclay Long Parquet Coat in True Red
Collectif Clothing 40s Darienne Plain Peplum Jacket in Black
Collectif Clothing 50s Alyssa Swing Coat in Grey
Collectif Clothing 70s Brianna Suit Jacket in Navy Corduroy
Little Mistress 70s Tibbie Sequin Blazer in Black
Hearts & Roses 60s Eloise Vintage Coat in Black
Smashed Lemon 60s Laura Leopard Coat in Brown and Green
Belsira 50s Carlie Jacket in Black Wool
Louche 70s Wainwright Faux Fur Coat in Forest Green
Blutsgeschwister 60s Coco Club Jacket in Obsidian Black
Unique Vintage 50s Micheline Pitt X Unique Vintage Rachael Suit Jacket in Navy Tweed
Banned Retro 60s Rocking Coat in Black
Banned Retro 60s Rocking Coat in Navy and Red
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