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New! Marlies Dekkers Wing Power High Waist Briefs in Black
New! Marlies Dekkers Wing Power Padded Push Up Bra in Black
Back in stock! King Louie 70s Mira Naranja Dress in Neptune Green
New! King Louie 60s Que Paso 2-pack Footies in Matcha Green
New! King Louie 60s Daydream 2-pack Short Socks in Holiday Green
New! King Louie 60s Digit 2-pack Socks in Spring Yellow
New! King Louie 60s Gift Box Socks Moza in Matcha Green
Back in stock! King Louie 60s Sheeva Naranja Dress in Chartreuse Yellow
Back in stock! King Louie 60s Sheeva Naranja Dress in Neptune Green
Miz Mooz 70s Avon Sandals in Kiwi Green
New! Vintage Chic for TopVintage 70s Fiora Floral Trousers in Black and Peach
Miz Mooz 70s Blythe Sandals in Ochre
Miz Mooz 70s Blaise Sandals in Scarlet Red
Miz Mooz 70s Avon Sandals in Scarlet Red
Miz Mooz 70s Aster Sandals in Mustard Yellow
New! Louche 70s Aubin Roses Jacquard Skirt in Multi
New! Louche 70s Aubin Jungle Folk Jacquard Skirt in Multi
King Louie 70s Olive Bowling Midi Dress in Peapod Green
King Louie 70s Anna Paraiso Maxi Dress in Apricot Pink
La Pintura 70s Necka Floral Western Boots in Off White
Glamfemme 70s Flower Power Bracelet in Gold and Cream
Glamfemme 70s Bodi Beads Flower Earrings in Yellow
€ 119,95
€ 95,96
Little Mistress 70s Burnout Velvet Wrap Dress in Black
Urban Hippies 70s Big Flower Corsage in Black
Urban Hippies 70s Big Flower Corsage in Red
Urban Hippies 70s Polly Goldplated Flower Earrings in Antique Pink
Urban Hippies 70s Raio Necklace in Gold and Blue
Urban Hippies 70s Locket Flower Love Necklace in Gold and Antique Pink
€ 49,95
€ 39,96
Vintage Chic for TopVintage 70s Veronic Velvet Trousers in Bottle Green
€ 74,95
€ 52,47
Unique Vintage 70s Valedictorian Velvet Striped Blouse in Multi
€ 89,95
€ 62,97
Smashed Lemon 70s Vienna Midi Floral Dress in Black
€ 109,95
€ 87,96
Rebel Love Clothing 70s Kiss Of Kyoto Obi Belt Venus Fly Trap Dress in Black
€ 169,95
€ 135,96
Clumpy's 70s Lien Leather Ankle Booties in Cactus Green
€ 84,95
€ 59,47
Louche 70s Cathleen Country Rose Tea Dress in Navy
€ 109,95
€ 76,97
Little Mistress 70s Bailey Satin Jumpsuit in Moonlight Blue
€ 139,95
€ 111,96
Little Mistress 70s Lily Pleated Midaxi Dress in Gold Leaves
€ 64,95
€ 45,47
Seasalt 70s Larissa Marble Flower Blouse in Onyx
€ 69,95
€ 48,97
Tante Betsy 70s Secretary Satin Blouse in Ink Blue
€ 89,95
€ 62,97
Smashed Lemon 70s Vienna Floral Dress in Black
€ 69,95
€ 41,97
Smashed Lemon 70s Lany Floral Blouse in Black
€ 164,95
€ 98,97
du Milde 70s Marley Flower Splash Dress in Navy
€ 164,95
€ 115,47
du Milde 70s Marleys Flowers Dress in Black
Urban Hippies 70s Hair Flowers Set in Orchid Haze, Plum and Clover
€ 16,95
€ 11,87
Urban Hippies 70s Hair Flowers Set in Nori, Beaujolais and Rouge
Urban Hippies 70s Hair Flowers Set in Clay Red, Lagoon and Honey
€ 22,95
€ 18,36
Bronté 60s Camille Headband in Apricot
€ 84,95
€ 67,96
Lulu Hun 70s Tatiana Faux Fur Boots in Pine Green
€ 109,95
€ 76,97
4FunkyFlavours 70s All You Need To Say (Never Say Yes) Dress in Black
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Fashion from the seventies 

Flared jeans, maxi dresses, exuberant jewellery and floral prints: do we need to say more? We are simply crazy about fashion from the seventies! That’s why you will find an extensive collection of fashionable 70s dresses, jumpsuits, shoes, pretty tops and matching accessories to complete your 70s looks in our retro boutique! Unleash your inner hippie and transport yourself back to the seventies. Or maybe you want to opt for the fabulous glitter items from our collection so you can dance to the beat of disco music and show off your moves on the disco dance floor! Which 70s look is your favourite?   

Gorgeous clothes from the 1970s   

Starting in the 1970s a casual look sporting a T-shirt with a fun print, jeans and sneakers became a trend. Trousers were worn high at the waist and flaunted a flared style. We are still totally crazy about flared jeans. Bag your favourite pair here! Wearing lots of layers also became trendy, for example pairing a blouse with a jacket or cardigan. Seventies fashion also included distinctive accessories like large hats, statement bracelets, necklaces and earrings. We have plenty of stunning accessories in our collection. This is your chance to go all out, gorgeous! 

70s dresses: We love it! 

One of the most popular garments in the mid-seventies was the jumpsuit. It’s easy to see why! An effortless head-to-toe style statement that you simply need in your retro wardrobe. Easily matched with your favourite pumps or sneakers or with boots and a jacket on those colder days. Dresses were also a popular style in 1970s fashion. Maxi dresses and skirts with (floral) prints are especially great for creating that ultimate 70s look and those maxi dresses (and skirts) still look fabulous now. Pair them with sandals for a sunny summer look or add an edgy touch by wearing yours with a pair of boots in winter. Looking for a seventies style dress? Find your favourite in our extensive retro collection! 

The disco look 

During the late seventies the disco look became popular. Clothes were sparkling with glitter and allowed easy movement. Blouses and jumpsuits were styled with halters and tailored. Wearing catsuits was also very trendy, these one piece, form-fitting garments were usually made from stretchable material and therefore great for dancing. Platform shoes were also quite the hype in disco fashion. 

Bag your favourite 70s style fashion at TopVintage! 

Vintage clothes are making a big comeback and that also includes fashion from the seventies. Of course, we are very happy about that! Are you also in love with fashion typical of the 70s? We hear ya! Discover our seventies inspired collection here! The collection includes the prettiest clothes flaunting a typical seventies style from brands like King Louie, 4FunkyFlavoursCompania Fantastica, Traffic People and Smashed Lemon. Have you found your favourite 70s style items? Order now and enjoy our fast shipping. Have fun shopping, gorgeous!