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With a big urge to distinguish themselves and add some colour to this world, Dutch company 4FunkyFlavours offers surprising collections with a lot of attention to detail and finish. 'Everyone is unique' and it's these different personalities that they try to translate into their colourful, exciting and comfortable clothes.

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Alice accessories are playful, cute and só retro! Polkadots, bows, animal print... everything we can't resist! You can't live without these accessories once you have them in your vintage wardrobe ;-)

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You'll feel like an Italian Bella when wearing the accessories from Amici. Amici was so successful that they began to grow and expand their elegant, classy and breathtakingly beautiful collection while never losing sight of their love for the effortless Italian style ;-)

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Atelier Maité

The creations of 24-year-old Maité are a feast for the eyes for ladies who love wearing striking shoes. Unique and playful pumps that will make your vintage heart skip a beat! Have you spotted your perfect pair yet? 

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But Another Innocent Tale... designer Julie Kim of B.A.I.T. shares our love of vintage, just look at her shoe designs that mix nostalgia with a modern twist! It doesn't matter if you love heels, wedges or ballerina flats... B.A.I.T. footwear brings a touch of feminine charm to every outfit!  

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Bakery Ladies

This quirky Dutch brand is known for her colourful basics and easy to wear, all-over printed T-shirts, skirts, dresses and cheerful tops! The collections are made of high quality jersey fabrics and additional beautiful and contemporary woven items. Retro, cute and comfy... just the way we like it!

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Painful inner thigh chafing is a problem that affects many women of all shapes, sizes and lifestyles, hindering their opportunity to wear dresses for example! But thanks to the discrete and oh so pretty Bandelettes this problem is solved! Love your thighs, not the rub!

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Banned Alternative

The English brand Banned Alternative knows that we women love variety and therefore they make sure their collections cover a variety of styles. Whether you’re looking for a rockabilly look, a classy look or a fun look, Banned Alternative has it all. And on top of that, it’s also very affordable ;-) Shop till you drop!

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Banned Retro

The English brand Banned Retro knows that we women love variety and therefore makes sure their collections cover a variety of styles. Whether you’re looking for a rockabilly look, a classy look or a fun look, Banned Retro has them all. And on top of it, it’s also very affordable!

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Banned loves TopVintage! And of course, the feeling is mutual ;-) That's why we like to collaborate on unique collections resulting in items that have the style and great fit that you've come to expect from Banned but with a typical TopVintage touch!  

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Be Bop a Hairbands

The brand Be Bop a Hairbands has A-MA-ZING 50s inspired hair scarfs with playful retro prints. Bad-hair days? They are a thing of the past! Create the most gorgeous looks in a blink of an eye ;-) The only thing you have to do is pick a print and a colour that match your mood ánd outfit!

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Belsira's retro clothing line will give you that authentic Italian ‘bellissima’ feeling! You’ll always be good to go with this vintage style inspired clothing. Thanks to the high-quality fabric and perfect execution, you'll be able to enjoy these items for a long time!

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Bésame Cosmetics

The vintage reproduction colours of Bésame are exact the same as the colours used by Hollywood stars of the last century. Bésame mixed these trends from the past with the best of today. The result? A fabulous vintage inspired and handmade make-up collection that is also cruelty-free! 

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Bettie Page Clothing

Bettie Page Clothing is a brand inspired by the pin-up icon of the 50's: Bettie Page. Elegant, super feminine and sexy; Bettie Page Clothing has stolen our hearts!

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Bettie Page Shoes

The name says it all; the American brand Bettie Page Shoes is inspired by THE Pin-Up model Bettie Page. Glamourous, chic and super feminine, just like the Queen of Pinups herself. Fashionable, comfortable and elegant with a superior finish... that's all we need, right?!

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Bettie Page Swimwear

Take a stroll along the waterside with the gems from Bettie Page Swimwear; the official collection of classy and high quality swimsuits and bikinis. The name says it all... the American brand is inspired by THE Pin-Up icon of the 50s: Bettie Page. Ready for summer? Check!

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Birds on the Run

From their creative nest in Amsterdam, the creators of the Birds on the Run brand fly around the world to seek inspiration. Just like us, they love accessories, especially scarves! Unique, colourful designs and top-quality materials come together in these cute and fun pieces!

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Blue Q

'We just want to make you happy' and with that motto in mind, the Blue Q company has been creating unique artworks of everyday gadgets for over 26 years. They also support charities with a portion of their proceeds! Fun to give and to get ;-)

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Beautiful bright colours and real retro prints; creations that make the world a little prettier! These amazing vintage inspired garments are lovely, feminine and fashionable. A very happy feeling is guaranteed while wearing one of these fairy tale Blutschgeschwister items. 

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Bright and Beautiful

Bright and Beautiful... The name says it all, you won't go unnoticed when wearing these stunners! The eyecatchers from the brand Bright and Beautiful have beautiful striking prints and silhouettes in 60s and 70s style with a modern twist. Playful, feminine and everything but boring!

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Brothers and Sisters

Why not add a vintage touch to your outfit with some vintage inspired accessories? With pretty items ranging from turbans to bows, the brand Brothers and Sisters really has something for everyone. 

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Bunny is famous for her versatile retro and pin-up style collections with an edge for a sassy, sexy and very feminine style suited for every body type… we’re all bombshells!

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Butterfly Twists

Specially designed for the ‘girl on the go’. Butterfly Twists is the trendsetter when it comes to handy but stylish and comfortable shoes that are suitable for every occasion: shopping, dancing, travelling... The ballerinas are foldable so you can easily take them with you everywhere you go! 

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Canopi Secret Sleeves originated from a simple but brilliant idea. While wearing Canopi sleeves you turn your sleeveless dress into a complete new and classy evening dress. The beautiful and comfortable fabrics of these sleeves create a super romantic and elegant look! 

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Cette is a Belgian brand that offers the best quality in legwear and shapewear! Cette wants to meet the needs of a demanding lady who is looking for quality and who thinks of tights as more than just an accessory. The Cette tights are sexy, classy and elegant! 

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Charlie Stone

The shoes by Charlie Stone are classic and vintage inspired, with the quality and timeless look of vintage pumps from the 1930-50 with a unique flat design making them the perfect everyday shoe! 

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Chelsea Crew

After opening their first flagship store in Chelsea, Manhattan, they started being referred to as the ‘Chelsea Crew’ and the name instantly stuck! Their passion for designing shoes with a long lifespan is reflected in their mostly vintage inspired designs. Take a look and join the (Chelsea) Crew! ;-) 

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The fabulous brand Circus is everything a retro-loving-lady needs: colourful, playful and feminine items with a perfect fit and made of comfortable fabrics. Brighten up your wardrobe with these stunners from Circus ;-)

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Cissi och Selma

With a huge passion for colourful, retro dresses, Swedish Cissi started her company in 2007. In addition to designing, she also strives for a better environment. She uses eco-certified or organic fabrics as much as possible and the clothing is made in small-scale factories in Europe offering good working conditions.

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Clockwork Soldier

Rob and Karen from Clockwork Soldier have a passion for unique and charming gifts. Rob likes to design them and Karen likes to shop for them! With their games they want to bring back the old fashioned concepts of imagination and fun. Educational? Yes! But really it's all about the fun. 

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Closet London

The beautiful collections of the brand Closet London are designed and produced in the heart of London. This English feminine brand aims to dress you in smart, sophisticated and sexy clothes. Closet items are chic yet very trendy! 

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The transformation from work shoe to fashionable item! Clumpy's clogs have a flexible sole that dampens noise and provides an orthopaedic fit. Thanks to the use of natural, breathable materials like strong poplar wooden soles and full grain bovine leather, these shoes are not just sturdy but will also keep your feet feeling fresh! 

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Collectif Clothing

Collectif Clothing isn’t just any brand, it is one of THE LARGEST brands of the retro world! This British brand combines the classic feminine styles of the 1940s and 1950s with new fashion trends along with a good splash of Rock and Roll! Whether you’re a Rockabella, a Pin-Up Girl  or a Vintage Vixen, Collectif will suit everybody!

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Collectif ♥ TopVintage

Collectif loves TopVintage and TopVintage loves Collectif. This close friendship has resulted in a fabulous collaboration and a collection made up of all-time favourites, eye-catching print and timeless classics, L-O-V-E! 

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Flexible and comfy flip flops, sandals and pumps in vibrant colours! The brand Coloko creates a range of styles that will not only add a splash of colour to your life, but are also 100% recyclable and vegan approved! We are sure you will find a pair that is perfect for you ;-)

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Compania Fantastica

Compania Fantastica is a casual Spanish brand that focuses on prints, colour and the smaller details. Original, elegant, fresh and spontaneous with a playful twist! Because in fashion, there are no rules ;-)

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Couture Ultimates

High quality tights that will last a long time and make you feel super feminine! Couture Ultimates knows exactly what women want when it comes to their tights and/or stockings; innovative use of materials, cute prints and a comfy fit. We are definitely fans! 

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Once you know... you know! And really you are the only one who knows which type of swimwear makes you look and feel like your best and most confident self. Stylish, but not boring. Prints that are iconic, but not loud. Top quality swimwear with a perfect fit to boot that is what Cyell stands for! 

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Daisy Dapper

Daisy Dapper was founded after a fantastic trip to Las Vegas. The Swedish brand loves beauty in every shape or form and the collections are inspired by the 1950s, rockabilly, pin-up and Las Vegas. 

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Daisy Jean

"Making beautiful creations for beautiful women." That is the slogan of Daisy Jean Designs. Exclusive, handmade pieces of acrylic jewellery that each have their own story to tell! 

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Danefae is a Scandinavian brand that combines Danish design with functionality and a touch of retro. The finished products are stunning, high quality items that you will love to wear and that won't disappoint you ;-) 

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Darling Divine

Darling Divine designs the ideal accessories for that ultimate glam look! Think: gems, sparkling rhinestones and more. From necklace to bracelet and from clutch to hair flower. Your outfit isn’t complete without one of the wonderful items of the Darling Divine accessory collection.

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Der Vintage Flaneur

Is vintage not just the latest fashion but a way of life for you? Then this adorable magazine will be your bible! Der Vintage Flaneur is a German magazine and a source of inspiration for your entire retro life!

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Dr. Martens

Originally a functional work-wear boot, now a timeless fashion essential! The 1960s saw this utilitarian boot transform into one of the most culturally relevant brands of the modern era. A festival? A party? Or simply to wear to work? There’s always a pair of Docs that fit like a glove!

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Emily and Fin

The friendship of Emily and Fin led to a jointly designed fashion collection with vintage as main theme. The cotton dresses by Emily and Fin have a good fit and often the most wonderful retro prints. Cheerful, elegant and playful! 

To collection Emily and Fin


The label Erstwilder, founded in Melbourne, designs stunning jewellery to give any outfit a playful and colourful touch. Erstwilder shares a love of animals, vintage, rockabilly, pinup, retro and art deco. Get ready to stand out from the crowd when wearing these eye-catchers!

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Esther Williams

Esther Williams Swimwear is the top brand in fifties swimwear. Thanks to the composition of the fabrics and the clever design their swimwear is super flattering. In its own words, the brand offers high quality, stylish swimwear 'for women to enjoy and feel comfortable wearing'. 

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The American shoe brand Fabulicious is alluring, flattering and dazzling. The sophisticated and feminine look of the Fabulicious pumps will make you feel self-confident and pretty! They compliment the natural beauty of the wearer!

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Fiorella with it's high quality tights and hold ups will give you those "What a woman" reactions! Her classy and sassy pin-up look makes sure you'll feel all femine and give an instant feel good mood! 

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Foxy, a London-based English jewellery and accessory brand designs the most elegant and romantic vintage inspired jewellery! Match the items with a simple dress and your outfit is complete! Foxy accessories give your look that vintage touch! 

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From Paris with Love!

From Paris With Love! by TopVintage is our own brand of romantic, cute and unique retro inspired jewellery. Lovely earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and brooches with a real vintage look and feel as if they came straight out of Paris and inspired by the 1920s-50s! 


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Froy & Dind

Retro fashion with a sixties twist that leaves the smallest possible ecological footprint ... designing and producing organic and healthy, sustainable and respectful products is what Froy & Dind is famous for!

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Let's go back to the roaring twenties with the gorgeous pieces of the brand GatsbyLady from London! It all started as a dream and it has now become a successful family business. These high quality, hand embellished designs will make you shine like never before. Sparkle on!

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Genshi is a gift, a present for every woman! Elegant and stylish bags that add a special touch to every outfit! Treat yourself! ;-)

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Gift Republic

At Gift Republic they have a passion for two things: design and having fun! The team creates unique, funny and enjoyable games that will keep you entertained for hours on end. So have a look and 'game on'!

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For over 30 years, women have been delighting in the stylish and high quality legwear of the brand Gipsy. Produced in Italy and with the most beautiful prints. Your legs are worth it! 

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Girl Howdy

Oh so retro, that’s Girl Howdy swimwear! The collection is created with real women in mind, suits all body shapes and is incredibly slimming! Playful retro prints, a flattering shape and great fabrics!

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Glamfemme... Glamorous en feminine jewellery with a vintage look and feel. These beauties will make you shine and are the perfect finishing touch for your fabulous evening look! Be the ultimate vintage queen! 

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This brand has its roots in Britain and is inspired by social media, pop culture and its own customers. They design clothes for Fearless Females and Glamorous Girls that aren’t afraid to break the fashion rules... so it's easy to see why Glamorous is a perfect fit for our collection ;-) 

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Glamour Bunny

Glamour Bunny started its business in 2008 to provide women all around the world with sassy dresses that would hug their curves in all the right ways. Nowadays the brand still creates the same sassy, high-quality, pinup style but with an even better quality and fit that will make women stand out from the crowd! 

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Glamour Bunny Business Babe

Glamour Bunny Business Babe is a collection designed with strong, independent women in mind. The pieces are defined by wearable classic silhouettes with a white collar edge, the business world translated into a hyper feminine silhouette. It's all about women empowerment, hunnie!

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We just can't get enough of accessories, especially those from the fifties! Luckily Sarah from the brand Glitz-o-Matic feels the same way and her colourful, unique and handmade jewellery takes us back to that amazing era! Vintage loving ladies, take a look at this new brand and 'embellish' yourself!

To collection Glitz-o-Matic

Hardie Grant Books

Hardie Grant Books is a vibrant, successful and dynamic business from Australia publishing books with a variety of subjects such as food, sports, history, crime, humor, social issues and of course pop culture! You cannot open a book without learning something!

To collection Hardie Grant Books

Heart of Haute

American Heart of Haute, Made with Love and no Regrets! is founded by a mother and daughter sharing a passion for retro fashion! The creation of their collections is inspired by the 50s and 60s, the rockabilly style and pin-up girls. The result: beautiful vintage inspired pieces of clothing! 

To collection Heart of Haute

Hearts & Roses

Hearts & Roses knows how to make us happy; playful swing dresses, eyecatching details and iconic print such as cherries, polkadots and bright flowers. Their collection is worth melting for, again and again. They already stole our hearts, what about yours? ;-)

To collection Hearts & Roses

Hop Skip And Flutter

Suree and Jan from HopSkip and Flutter have been designing jewellery together since 2011. They are inspired by childhood memories and everything vintage, resulting in handmade and hand-painted jewellery, finished with Swarovski crystals to give a luxurious touch.

To collection Hop Skip And Flutter

Jessica Rey

Life isn't perfect but your swimwear can be. Just look at the brand Jessica Rey! In between her acting jobs, Jessica Rey would often be wearing a bikini while unwinding at the pool. One day, she realised she was fed up with bikinis and decided to design her own swimwear... resulting in these eye-catchers. 

To collection Jessica Rey

Joe Browns Couture

Treat your feet and feel unique! That's what Joe Browns Couture is all about. They get inspiration from all over the world which results in designs that are a bit different from the norm due to the use of bold colours and unique 3-D detailing. Looking for an authentic, one of a kind shoe? Joe Browns Couture is the brand for you!

To collection Joe Browns Couture

Juliette's Romance

Sweet oh so sweet! Juliette’s Romance is a very romantic, cute yet elegant and classy accessory brand. From top feminine and chic gloves to very romantic and sweet hair flowers… 

To collection Juliette's Romance


This unique brand was started by none other than Kassandra Love (co-creator of Rebel Love Clothing) in 2019. Her love for vintage paired with dark delights has resulted in this collection of high quality dresses with a twist. If you like some Deadly Dame Drama, this is THE brand for you! 

To collection Katakomb

Katy Perry Shoes

With her own vision, eye for detail and her cheeky spirit, popstar Katy Perry decided to design a shoe collection... and she did amazing! Inspired by her travels, her extraordinary imagination and a good sense of humor. These shoes really reflect her bubbly personality. And we just happen to love Katy!

To collection Katy Perry Shoes


Kaytie is a jewellery and accessory brand that strikes a perfect balance between vintage and modern. The collection is a beautiful mix of vintage items inspired by the good old 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s with a touch of contemporary fashion! 

To collection Kaytie


The creators of the original sneaker, who doesn’t know them? Keds! This American brand, founded in 1916, created the first sneaker and even icons like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe were fond of them! That's why the collection of our web boutique simply wouldn't be complete without them! 

To collection Keds

King Louie

The brand King Louie from Amsterdam is all you need. Colourful, playful and eyecatching to the max. The most beautiful vintage inspired creations with a touch of authenticity and a glimmer of class. The every-morning-what-to-wear-dilemma will disappear once you have King Louie in your closet!

To collection King Louie

La Parisienne

The name of this brand says het all, La Parisienne. This handbag brand is classy chic. With one of these beauties on your arm, you’ll find yourself directly in Paris. Super feminine, very elegant and with a sassy edge!

To collection La Parisienne

La Pintura

La Pintura is the Spanish word for 'painting'. And the handmade, colourful leather boots from this brand really do look like works of art. Ready to rock these boots? 

To collection La Pintura

La Veintinueve

What do you get when you mix up a vintage retro style with modern day trends and gorgeous avant-garde colours? That's right... a quirky and fabulous collection from Spanish brand La Veintinueve! Instant love!

To collection La Veintinueve

Lady Luck's Boutique

When searching for gorgeous retro inspired accessories, such as handmade hair flowers and bamboo jewellery, Lady Luck's Boutique it is. This brand was created in 2008 out of passion for fashion, style and individuality. The modern woman with love for bygone times, is their biggest source of inspiration.

To collection Lady Luck's Boutique


[[read_more]]The collections of this all age feminine brand are characterized by striking prints and lively colours. Each item is a playful blend of bohemian and retro styles, just the way we like it!

To collection LaLamour

Lauren Rennells

Famous hair and make-up artist Lauren Rennells works in the photography and film industry. Her passion for hairstyles of the past and vintage cosmetics led her to the writing of fabulous guidebooks that help you create your own vintage look! 

To collection Lauren Rennells

Le Keux Cosmetics

Vintage inspired cosmetics that create the exact vintage look you’ve been looking for! Hollywood style it is! And on top of that Le Keux Cosmetics isn’t tested on animals. 

To collection Le Keux Cosmetics

Lieblingsstucke By JuttaVerena

Jutta Häuselmann is a real vintage lover and came up with the idea of making her own hair rollers with which you can create fabulous vintage hairstyles in no time! Handmade with lots of love and flaunting fun prints on high quality fabrics. You only want the best for your hair, right?

To collection Lieblingsstucke By JuttaVerena

Lisa Angel

With an urge to unleash more of her own creativity, designer Lisa Angel decided to quit her job as a fashion buyer to start her own unique and gorgeous jewellery line with high quality materials at affordable prices. Buy something cute for a loved one, or yourself ;-)

To collection Lisa Angel

Little Arrow

Bri Bulski is the creative mind behind the product designs from Little Arrow. She is mostly inspired by toys and memorabilia from her childhood, but also by vintage clothing and costume jewelry. All of that results in a collection of playful and colourful accessories for every vintage loving lady ;-)

To collection Little Arrow

Little Mistress

Fashionable glamour best describes the designs from London-based brand Little Mistress. A collection of classy, yet playful dresses and maxi dresses perfect for a sophisticated cocktail party or gala evening. Glamour chic it is, ladies! 

To collection Little Mistress

Lola Ramona

The Danish bag and shoe brand Lola Ramona is so rockabilly and pin-up that it's a must-have in our collection. Fun, sassy, cute, eye-catching and oh so retro! Wearing a Lola Ramona item equals instant feel good mood! 

To collection Lola Ramona

Lola Ramona ♥ TopVintage

Lola Ramona loves TopVintage! And of course, the feeling is mutual ;-) That's why we like to collaborate on unique collections that have the quality and great fit that you've come to expect from Lola Ramona but with a typical TopVintage touch!  

To collection Lola Ramona ♥ TopVintage


The gorgeous, top quality products from Lollipops will make your heart beat faster. Paraben- and cruelty free and made in France and Italy. Classy Diva, Rockabella, Pin-up girl or Vintage lady... with the make-up from Lollipops everyone will shine like never before!  

To collection Lollipops

Lotta from Stockholm

At a young age this Swedish lady already had a fascination for these so called ‘clogs’. Unfortunately the great clog craze of the 70's died away, untill Lotta noticed them again while moving back to Stockholm years later, and was fascinated by them all over again! Every vintage outfit needs a pair of clogs ;-)

To collection Lotta from Stockholm


The English brand Louche is a unique vintage inspired brand with feel good fashion that helps you to create a look that matches your personality. An exclusive style with a touch of vintage flair ;-)

To collection Louche

Love ur Look

The collection of Love ur Look is designed with ethic and sustainability in mind. That's why their bold vintage inspired accessories with a kitschy twist are made from discarded materials or production cut offs. And it does take the right accessories to completely 'Love ur Look' ;-)

To collection Love ur Look


Inspired by vintage elegance, glamour and nostalgia. The English jewellery brand Lovely takes you back to the good old 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s. The use of rhinestones, beads and ornate details make these pieces of jewellery incredibly graceful, elegant and absolutely vintage!

To collection Lovely

Lovely Legs

Unique tights that add that sassy or cute touch to your lovely vintage look! Lovely Legs tights are sexy, elegant and classy and they’ll definitely give you the real pin-up look!

To collection Lovely Legs


Sparkle and shine at every occasion! The LoveRocks collection easily combines trends with classic influences, creating timeless accessorries that belong in every vintage juwellery box!

To collection LoveRocks

Lulu Hun

Lulu Hun is a footwear brand that pairs 50s and 60s glamour with everyday comfort. Rockabella, pin-up girl or vintage lover? Lulu Hun will conquer your heart!

To collection Lulu Hun

Mademoiselle YéYé

It’s all in the name, YéYé, this colourful brand is fabulous sixties! YéYé is a genre of French popmusic of the 60s. The name derived from the English Yeah Yeah! And Mademoiselle YéYé is definitely abundant! Playful prints, bright colours and amazing styles ;-)

To collection Mademoiselle YéYé

MAGIC Bodyfashion

Looking for solutions so you can wear that fabulous strapless dress? Is it your desire to wear those high heels without having painful feet? MAGIC Bodyfashion is the solution for all your fashion issues, pure magic!

To collection MAGIC Bodyfashion

Mak Sweater

Mak Sweater is a brand based in Los Angeles which, as the name suggests, specialises in sweaters and cardigans ;-) The items are vintage inspired making them very popular in the world of vintage bloggers. Beautiful, high quality items at a friendly price, what's not to love?

To collection Mak Sweater

Marc & André Paris

The brand Marc & André Paris are known for their unique designs and their high quality. Feminine curves take centre stage at Marc & André Paris. We can't resist their stunning items! What about you? ;-) 

To collection Marc & André Paris


"Luxury must be comfortable otherwise it's not luxury!" That's the motto of hosiery brand Marcmarcs. Every pair of tights or socks is produced in the best European factories resulting in products that don't just look great, but will also last long. 

To collection Marcmarcs

Marie Antoilette

Marie Antoilette's opaque printed 50 denier tights are carefully crafted to ensure their resistance and durability! The inspiration for these tights comes from the imagination of designer Valérie Moenne, as well as stories from her childhood and ours. Original and atypical creations for an extraordinary woman!

To collection Marie Antoilette

Marlies Dekkers

Marlies Dekkers has achieved international success with her lingerie and swimwear collections. Thanks to her personal approach her collections are always innovative, inspiring and give women more self confidence. Lingerie and swimwear by a power woman for a power woman! 

To collection Marlies Dekkers

Marnie Fogg

This book packed with gorgeous fashion illustrations is destined to become the coffee table book of choice for every (vintage) fashion lover! The introduction is written by Marnie Fogg, she succinctly narrates the evolution of fashion illustrations featured in the American magazine that was the world's first fashion magazine for women... Harper's Bazaar!

To collection Marnie Fogg


''Your style, it is your own revolution!''... that is the slogan of the brand Md'M. Md'M has its own team of designers and each season they manage to create a fabulous new collection. From perfect basics down to the most stunning, colourful prints. We're in love!

To collection Md'M

Miss Candyfloss

“I am so glad that I am a woman!”, that’s the feeling you’ll get wearing the feminine and exclusive Miss Candyfloss clothes! This Swedish label creates the most beautiful clothes that underline your femininity and that give your look a pin-up girly twist! Limited collections of which TopVintage has the largest stocks!

To collection Miss Candyfloss

Miss L-Fire

Miss L-Fire shoes are a bit different than the average retro-inspired shoe but therefore even more fun! They are extravagant, outstanding and spicy! Do you like to spice up your vintage inspired look? Then you’ll love Miss L-Fire shoes!

To collection Miss L-Fire


Sassy vintage shoes with a wink ;-) The shoes of the brand Missy are a bit different than the average retro-inspired shoe, but therefore even more fun! You'll rock any outfit when wearing these shoes!

To collection Missy

Miz Mooz

Miz Mooz, a classy shoe brand from New York, knows that shoes should not only look beautiful but that they should also feel great while wearing them! That’s why Miz Mooz shoes have a comfy foot bed! We are so happy with this lovely brand that for years was only available in several boutiques in America! 

To collection Miz Mooz


Original and refined collections with one of a kind pieces of jewellery... that defines the brand N2! The gorgeous and magical collections are designed for vibrant, funny and quirky ladies with a dash of impertinence!

To collection N2

Nach Bijoux

Thanks to their father who had over 40 years' experience in making porcelain miniatures, the two sisters Koch from Toulouse were brought up with the relevant know-how. They have combined this knowledge and a new vision with their love for porcelain to create trendy, high quality jewellery. 

To collection Nach Bijoux


Spanish family company Nemonic was created in 1997, with a passion for designer and avant-garde footwear. Unique shoes are being created due to the combination of top quality materials, the latest technologies and creativity. Inspired by the modern woman, who's into (vintage) fashion and everything surrounding her!

To collection Nemonic

New York Puzzle Company

If there is one pastime that many of us have rediscovered during these strange times, it's doing jigsaw puzzles! The New York Puzzle Company has partnered with Vogue Magazine to make gorgeous, durable and high quality puzzles of their iconic (vintage) covers. Who knew that doing a jigsaw puzzle would turn out to be such a stylish hobby... ;-)

To collection New York Puzzle Company

Pamela Mann

Hosiery specialist Pamela Mann was established in 1956 and the company kept expanding thanks to the partnership with mini-skirt legend and designer Mary Quant! Their goal is to provide products that fit all body types, offering luxurious, trendy and classic hosiery! They have something for everyone! ;-) 

To collection Pamela Mann

Paper Dolls

Cute! Chic! Elegant! Paper Dolls dresses are stylish dresses with a 50s or 60s twist. Great dresses for ladies who love a nice little detail! 

To collection Paper Dolls


Parfait... a stylish lingerie brand on a mission to help women (including women with a fuller bust) find bras and swimwear that fit well and feel good! Designed to last by using high quality materials and fabrics. Parfait... uhm, that what we call perfect, right? ;-)

To collection Parfait

Peach Accessories

Deliciously looking, feminine and above all... very adorable. That's the best way to describe their accessories. It's the rich detailing, the colours and the striking features that makes this brand stand out from the rest. Peachy keen!

To collection Peach Accessories

Petite Jolie

Petite Jolie is très jolie! You just can't help falling madly in love with this cute shoe brand! Happy colours, adorable details and feminine styles; a vintage decoration for your feet and an absolute must-have! 

To collection Petite Jolie


Have you ever looked so fabulous that you didn't feel like going home simply because not enough people had seen your outfit yet? That’s the feeling that PiNNED by K want to evoke with their designs. Classic items with a funky twist that will brighten up any (vintage) outfit!

To collection PiNNED by K


Powder is an English brend that was born out of love for design; their vision was to launch a brand of truly unique fashion accessories. Lisa and Luc, the founders of Powder, are passionated about colour, texture and attention to detail. Loveable and irresistible... that's what the accessories of Powder are!

To collection Powder

Pretty Retro

Pretty Retro is an exciting British brand of retro/vintage styled womenswear primarily influenced by 1940s and 1950s fashion. It offers affordable, wearable clothing without compromising on style or quality. Looking pretty is a piece of cake when wearing Pretty Retro ;-) 

To collection Pretty Retro

Pretty Vacant

Every vintage-loving lady adores the brand Pretty Vacant! Thanks to their perfect fit and wonderful materials, you'll want to wear their stunning items all day and night. From fabulous basics to distinctive, playful styles... Pretty Vacant has it all ;-)

To collection Pretty Vacant

Punky Pins

In a UK studio, the creative team of Punky Pins comes up with their quirky designs over coffee, cake and gossip ;-) Inspired by pop culture, movies, cats, feminism and even more cats, real catlovers... just like us! These pins are the finishing touch to all your retro outfits. So go ahead and order 1, or 2... maybe even 3 ;-)

To collection Punky Pins

Pussy Deluxe

Rockabella or pin-up lady: everyone will be blown away by Pussy Deluxe! The brand Pussy Deluxe offers sassy designs and stunning retro prints. Are you feeling a little curious? ;-)

To collection Pussy Deluxe

Queen Kerosin

Queen Kerosin makes cool clothes of high quality and with a great fit! Perfect for the Rockabellas and Betties among us that want to look both feminine and feisty. "More revs per life, Queen Kerosin!"

To collection Queen Kerosin

Rebel Love Clothing

Rebel Love Clothing, a Canadian brand established by Elle Rebel and Kassandra Love. These two designers get their inspiration mainly from music, movies and retro pop culture from the 50s. Which results in unique creations characterized by good quality clothing with a sexy, feminine cut. 

To collection Rebel Love Clothing

Red Dolly

Swimwear is boring? Think again! You can dive worry-free and look fabulous doing it in these eye-catchers by Red Dolly ;-) Retro prints, cute bows and bright colours... which one of these gems will you rock this season? 

To collection Red Dolly


Comfy, vintage and rockabilly, those words decribe the collections of the American Retrolicious the best! Playful prints, soft fabrics and a good fit. A combination of vintage and fun! 

To collection Retrolicious

Rock N Romance

Founded by Charlene & Mike, partners in life AND business, with a love of anything and everything retro, quirky and 1940s & 50s! All items are handcrafted, unique and/or limited edition... so grab it whilst it lasts!

To collection Rock N Romance


Rock-a-Booty is known for her unique blue dreams. Denim items with an authentic vintage look and a perfect fit that makes your booty look great, isn't that something we all want? Real wardrobe essentials that you don't ever want to be without, because denim never goes out of style! Go get 'em, girls…  

To collection Rock-a-Booty

Rockin' Bettie

Founder Amy had been wearing vintage inspired clothing for quite some time when she founded the brand Rockin' Bettie. Every item she sells is hand-picked by her based on quality and company reputation. In her own words: ''You get only the best!''

To collection Rockin' Bettie


The brand Rockport was able to merge the comfort of sneakers with the look of casual and more dressy shoes. Their motto is; ''we put ourselves in your shoes before putting you in ours". Result? Classy pumps with a special sole that almost turns wearing heels into a party! 

To collection Rockport


Shoes so light and comfortable, you'll never want to take them off again! Passionate about creating colourful shoes for all ages and occasions inspired by the world, that's what our new brand Rollie is all about. You've just found your 'sole' mate!

To collection Rollie

Rouge Royale

Rouge Royale combines a sexy touch with playful elements. With this tights you'll give your outfit an instant pin-up look!

To collection Rouge Royale

Ruby Shoo

Vintage cutiepies! With a Ruby shoo on your foot, you’ll find yourself right back in the 50s. A feel good mood is guaranteed and the urge to start dancing can’t be suppressed. Vintage shoes with great details and a comfy fit!

To collection Ruby Shoo


Rumble59 looks back on rough times, needs no bells and whistles to reach its aim and is THE brand for sassy pin-ups, betties, rockabellas and bad girls. It's 30% Rock'n'Roll, 10% Vintage, 15% Pin Up, 15% Rebel, 40% Denim = 110% ATTITUDE!

To collection Rumble59


The brand of German origin started as a men's fashion store named 'Sir Oliver' in 1996. After adding women's fashion to the collection as well, the name was changed to s.Oliver. Since then the brand has grown enormously, also adding shoes to the range. And indeed; Sir Oliver is inspired by the cartoon character 'Sir Oliver B. Bommel'…

To collection s.Oliver

Sass & Belle

Products designed to make people happy! That's what it's all about at Sass & Belle! Affordable homeware with a quirky twist. Oh, and they also love... cats! So take a look at our Lucky the Black Cat collection featuring 'pawesome' cat products!

To collection Sass & Belle


Scarlet tights: classic vintage inspired seamed tights & hold ups. Ultimate elegance and sex appeal, these seamed tights finished with a Havana heel (a pointed heel) and a knitted back seam. These tights subtly evoke the allure and glamour of days gone by! 

To collection Scarlet


This family brand from Cornwall gets her inspiration from her stunning coastal surroundings, resulting in items with a utilitarian feel, made of comfortable and sustainable fabrics. Feminine garments with a nautical twist and a real feel good factor. Seasalt is like a breath of fresh air for your wardrobe! 

To collection Seasalt

Smashed Lemon

The Dutch brand Smashed Lemon is famous for her striking prints and colourful collections. Casual outfit or a gorgeous evening look... you can find it all in the stunning collection by Smashed Lemon!

To collection Smashed Lemon

Sneaky Fox

The Danish brand Sneaky Fox offers a wide selection of tights, leggings and socks to match any look, no matter which style you prefer. Because the brand has a strong focus on quality, the products are produced in Italy, the home of fashion. Let yourself be seduced by Sneaky Fox! 

To collection Sneaky Fox

So Rainy

You are always a real fashionista while using a So Rainy umbrella. And yes, singin in the rain, will also apply for you! The playful and colourful retro prints of this brand will spontaneously put a smile on your face. The So Rainy umbrellas are of good quality and they are very user-friendly.

To collection So Rainy


Splendette is born from the love of all things from the mid-century. With vintage as inspiration and lots of passion this brand designs the most gorgeous vintage inspired jewellery with modern day materials. All ladies should have at least one of these beautiful treasures!  

To collection Splendette

Steady Clothing

Elegant and edgy vintage classics, that’s Steady Clothing! Their elegant fits and beautiful fabrics make a clear statement in the fashion world! Rock Steady’s own versatile style makes sure both pin-up beauties and rockabellas fall in love! 

To collection Steady Clothing

Style Me Vintage

The Style Me Vintage Hair - Make Up - Clothes hardcover books are a must-have for vintage and retro lovers! They teach you all ins and outs about the make-up, hair styles and looks of the 30s to 60s. Easy step-by-step instructions, tips and techniques for a fabulous self-created vintage look!

To collection Style Me Vintage

Sugarcoated Pictures

To collection Sugarcoated Pictures

Sugarhill Brighton

Sugarhill Brighton is an adorable English brand that strives to create clothing with the exclusive boutique feel. And it succeeds! The lovely clothing items are characterized by a feminine cut, playful and unique prints and fabulous details. There’s no doubt about it, this brand will make you fall in love, ladies!

To collection Sugarhill Brighton

Sunny Life

The concept for Sunny Life started with summer, beaches and the ocean in mind. They offer a range of unique, colourful ánd functional accessories for an unforgettable holiday or a sunny day at the beach! Time for some fun in the sun!

To collection Sunny Life


Spanish brand Surkana creates collections packed with colour, positivity and joy, designed for women who are unapologetic about who they are and how they present themselves. Women doing their own thing and who share their experiences to help make the world a better place. This is reflected in the brand's motto, Libremente (Freely). 

To collection Surkana

Sweet Cherry

The beautiful jewelry from Sweet Cherry are handmade with love in Belgium. Cherries, strawberries, cupcakes... this brand is perfect for all retro lovers who loves sweets! ;-)

To collection Sweet Cherry

Tailor & Twirl by Tatyana

Wearing clothes from Tailor & Twirl by Tatyana will make you feel super feminine! Feminine silhouettes, luxurious fabrics and gorgeous colours... what more could you ask for? Don't wait any longer, it's time to make your vintage dreams come true! 

To collection Tailor & Twirl by Tatyana


The collections of the famous German brand Tamaris also include some vintage cutie pies! Of course these are must-haves for our online boutique. Tamaris pumps don't just look elegant and fashionable, they also ensure a comfy fit at an affordable price!

To collection Tamaris

Tante Betsy

'Happiness in a dress' that is the motto of the Tante Betsy brand... and their stunning items definitely make us happy! They are colourful, playful eye-catching and a joy to wear. Are you ready to shine? 

To collection Tante Betsy


Tatyana, the brand that has become famous with Bettie Page Clothing, presents her collections as Tatyana collections now. New 1950's style vintage reproduction dresses, skirts, tops, and sweaters by Tatyana and endorsed by the world's most notorious pin-up queen, Bettie Page herself.

To collection Tatyana


The WOW in TC WOW stands for World of Women, in other words for women by women. This translates into collections that focus on female characteristics. Sustainable swimwear offering high quality and innovations for a perfect fit, so you'll always find a bikini or swimsuit that is perfect for you. Just WOW! ;-)

To collection TC WOW

Ted Baker

The collections by Ted Baker are unique and made with a focus on quality and attention to detail. So, it was only a matter of time before a shoe collection was added to their existing range of clothes and accessories. Shoes with a unique personality... to match yours! ;-) 

To collection Ted Baker

Ten Cate

Since the 1950s Ten Cate supplies delicate, seamless underwear with a luxurious touch and a high comfort level thanks to innovative use of materials. After all, perfect fit underwear is the backbone of any good wardrobe! 

To collection Ten Cate

The Balm Cosmetics

The Balm Cosmetics is a Cosmetics brand from the USA with a "Beauty in five minutes" philosophy and paraben and cruelty-free. Thanks to the wide range you create the exact vintage look you’ve been looking for! Make a statement without saying a word ;-)

To collection The Balm

The Oblong Box Shop

The Oblong Box Shop was founded out of love for vintage clothing. The designs created by owner and designer Denialle Von Fitch are modern recreations of real vintage treasures but with a twist! 

To collection The Oblong Box Shop

The Seamstress of Bloomsbury

The elegant British brand The Seamstress of Bloomsbury is an amazing authentic brand that creates the most beautiful 40s inspired dresses! The designs revive the original 1940’s patterns and designs of Lillian Wells, a talented and famous designer and seamstress who was known as The Seamstress of Bloomsbury!

To collection The Seamstress of Bloomsbury

The Vintage Cosmetic Company

The Vintage Cosmetic Company is a British beauty brand with a passion for old-Hollywood glamour! These vintage inspired beauty tools are a feast for the eyes. Affordable and high quality products that will help the modern woman to emphasise her best features!  

To collection The Vintage Cosmetic Company


The brand Timeless (before Sheen) is known for its amazing contemporary clothing with a touch of vintage, perfect fit and affordable prices. Add a lot of elegance and glamour to your wardrobe with Timeless eye-catchers. ;-)

To collection Timeless


Gifts are always nice! But a TopVintage Gift Card is extra nice! Each day new items are added and let’s be honest, which lady doesn’t love shopping and doesn’t love cute dresses, classy pumps, sassy bags and cute accessories?! Exactly... It's the perfect gift!

To collection TopVintage

TopVintage Anniversary Collection

We are celebrating 13 years of TopVintage and to mark this special occasion we have launched an exclusive TopVintage Anniversary Collection! Put on your party hat and throw some confetti in the air, because every one of these items is a party in itself! 

To collection TopVintage Anniversary Collection

TopVintage Boutique Collection

TopVintage Boutique Collection is our own label created with care and love put into it. The passion for vintage in combination with the mission to make you feel beautiful and feminine has led to beautiful, elegant and classy pieces with a perfect fit! Creations that honour the beauty of women! Timeless, elegant & chic!

To collection TopVintage Boutique Collection

Traffic People

Chic, feminine and everything but boring! That's traffic people. Born in the heart of London with new and edgy designs that are inspired by the 20s and 30s. Special and unique with a fun touch! 

To collection Traffic People


The Dutch brand Tweka has been in the spotlight for many years, since 1916 to be exact. Beautiful materials, feminine silhouettes and striking graphics and colours... Tweka swimwear has it all. Take a plunge in the water wearing one of their eye-catchers!

To collection Tweka

Unique Vintage

The gorgeous items from Unique Vintage will have every vintage lover feel like a child in a sweet shop! Each and every one of its fifties style items is a real eye-catcher. ;-) Unique Vintage has stolen our hearts!

To collection Unique Vintage

Urban Hippies

Flowers, symbols and natural materials with a vintage look and feel, Urban hippies knows exactly how to mix the right styles. This results in unique, handmade jewellery with a 'folklore' vibe. 

To collection Urban Hippies


It’s almost impossible to describe how lovely the handmade Vendula London bags are! Beauties, bella’s, cutie pies! They have the most adorable details and they are só special! You better get used to hearing the question ‘Where did you get that bag?!’ over and over again! ;-) 

To collection Vendula

Very Cherry

A brand that is founded on the principles of sustainability and fair trade with a collection consisting of elegant and feminine signature pieces that are the basis of a versatile wardrobe. The elegance of this brand is appealing to women of all ages while the beautiful fit adds a touch of French nostalgia! 

To collection Very Cherry

Vintage Chic for TopVintage

Our very own brand Vintage Chic for TopVintage combines catwalk trends with the elegance of days gone by. The colletion is known for its classy, yet sexy dresses that make you look and feel super feminine at an affordable price! 

To collection Vintage Chic for TopVintage

Vintage Diva

Vintage Diva… born out of a love for vintage dresses which sprung from a seed that grew in the heart of a very young girl with big dreams. Inspired by all those beautiful women from past decades I proudly present our Vintage Diva summer collection full of Italian Allure!

To collection Vintage Diva

Viva by Tendenza

The designers from Viva by Tendenza have been creating beautiful jewellery from their headquarters in Brielle (the Netherlands) for over a decade now. Their collections connect to the latest trends, but with a vintage twist. Inspiration comes from travelling, lifestyle and vintage glamour, which results in gorgeous hand-made pieces.

To collection Viva by Tendenza

Vive Maria

We’re in love with the sweet detailing, the luxurious materials, cute bows and sexy twist seen in the collection from German designer Simone Franze. Vive Maria is sexy and a little naughty, sweet but seductive, robust and provocative! Making our vintage hearts flutter! 

To collection Vive Maria


Vixen vintage inspired clothes: sassy designs in feminine pin-up style and items with an edgy touch for a great rockabilly look! Vixen Clothing has an extensive collection that includes dresses, skirts, tops and cardigans. A diverse offering that makes everybody happy!

To collection Vixen

What Katie Did

From classic vintage style tights and hold ups to the iconic bullet-bra. The English brand What Katie Did has everything you need to complete your sexy pin-up look! 

To collection What Katie Did

Who's That Girl

A desire for fun, colourful and comfy clothes was the beginning of Antwerp-based brand Who's That Girl. Their statement: ‘If you want to look good, first of all you’ve got to feel good’. And with their colourful and fun retro clothes, Wow To Go has accomplished both!  

To collection Who's That Girl

Wild Pony

Wild Pony is a brand that focuses on women that know what they want and that are looking for sophisticated and special items! Jumpsuits and dresses, all made of high quality fabrics and with attention to detail. Minimalism, level-headedness and sophistication are the characteristics of this Madrid based brand! 

To collection Wild Pony

Wilhelmina Helena X Fay Loren

To collection Wilhelmina Helena X Fay Loren

Woody Ellen

Woody Ellen handbags are made by Belgian illustrator and artist, Woody Ellen, who hand paints every bag with utter precision and love! Super cute bags with prints of the most lovely and arty drawings!

To collection Woody Ellen


The three O's in the brand name XPOOOS stand for: Original, Outstanding and Out of this world! Quirky socks made of high quality material that say something about the people who wear them. Love life, love socks!

To collection XPOOOS


Are shoes your guilty pleasure? Is your collection getting out of hand? Then this is the brand for you! ;-) Whether you're going for city chic mid-heels, cocktail bar ready stilettos or weekend getaway boots, with Yull shoes you'll stand out from the crowd!

To collection Yull


ZaZoo accessories are so adorable and so retro! Polka dots, cherries, flowers, leopard… Lovely and playful prints that add a little sparkle to your retro look! Must-have accessories! 

To collection ZaZoo

Zoe Vine

Zoe Vine is a London based designer of vintage style clothing for women. The brand was born from a lifelong love of vintage style clothing and fabrics ;-) Stunning prints, striking fabrics and styles which flatter the female figure; you'll find it all in her collection. Alluring, elegant and dazzling!

To collection Zoe Vine